Chinese New Year Basket Hamper – TCNY-11 – 丰收


*Delivery cut-off date for CNY Hamper is 28 January 2019. All orders made from 29 January 2019 will be sent after 11 February 2019.

Martell Cognac V.S.O.P 妈爹干邑万蓝池 70cl
Wild Ginseng 野山参 1pc
Pu’ Er Tea 极客班章七子饼普洱生茶 357gm
Mexico Locos Conch Meat 墨西哥特产玉皇鲍 425gm
American Ginseng Slice 美国花旗泡参片 20gm
Bird’s Nest with Ginseng, White Fungus & Rock Sugar 泡参冰糖雪耳燕窝 3x70ml
High Grade Dried Mushroom 特选花菇 200gm
Golden Durian Tart 金砖榴莲酥 230gm
Ju Traditional Caramel Popcorn 聚家园焦糖爆米花 80gm
Imperial Basket, Auspicious Packaging & Decoration 精美包装与装饰


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