Deepavali 2017 Pyramid Hamper – DP-2


*Delivery cut-off date for Deepavali Hamper is 12 October 2017. All orders made from 12 October 2017 will be sent after 19 October 2017.

Dolce & Fresco Sparkling Drink 750ml
SKS 2 in 1 Minicoco Coconut Cookies (B) 120gm
Bueno Recipe Butter Cookies (S) 100gm
Coco Oats Puffs (B) 120gm
FMF Tropical Tapioca Chips 80gm
Bika Chicken Flavoured Crackers 40gm
Green Pea Snacks 56gm
Roona Chocolate Cookies with Soft Hazelnut Chocolate Filling 60gm
Espresso Coffee Candy 150gm
Assorted Fruit Candy Delight 150gm
Green Pea Snacks 56gm
Bika Seafood Flavoured Crackers 40gm
Deepavali Packaging & Decoration


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