Mooncake 2018 Basket Hamper – MC-2018-7


*Delivery cut-off date for Mooncake Festival Hamper is 21 September 2018. All orders made from 22 September 2018 will be sent after 25 September 2018.

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Yu-Ai Less Sugar Lotus Single Yolk (U34) 1pc
Yu-Ai Less Sugar Pandan Lotus (U38) 1pc
Yu-Ai Less Sugar Red Bean Single Yolk (U32) 1pc
Yu-Ai Less Sugar Red Bean (U31) 1pc
Hennesy Cognac V.S.O.P 70cl
Rontunda Reserve Tinto 2014 (Product of Spain) 750ml
New Moon Abalone (Product of New Zealand) 425gm
Wild Ginseng 1pc
Ferrero Collection Chocolate (T15) 162gm
Essence of Chicken with Ginseng & Cordyceps 3x70ml
100% Pure Honey 270ml
Bueno Recipe Almond Rainbow Tarts 250gm
Collagen Bird’s Nest Drink with American Ginseng & Rock Sugar 250ml
Basket, Packaging & Decorative