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品ˊ牌ˊ故ˊ事 Brand Story

聚家园源自传统佳节的相聚情感,美食滋味的分享,人与人相聚的文化传承;「聚」是一种家与爱的力量,聚家园由此而来。由 Hamper2U 多年佳节礼篮经营为基础,为您精选各款佳节中不能缺席的美食,让经典得以在新时代传承。

Ju Traditional believes in preserving the culture of sharing festive and tasty gifts with everyone. ‘Ju’ in mandarin simply means ‘gathering’ of families or friends, and it is one of the core values of the Chinese. Ju Traditional, a Malaysian home food brand of Hamper2U, brings you the best of timeless classic flavours to modern life.